"Globally Engaging Our Communities through LIVE Hawaiian Music & Events"

Globally Engaging Our Communities Through LIVE Hawaiian Music & Events





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Blue Note Hawaii Presents Kaumakaiwa Kanaka`ole

2 sets: 6:30PM (Doors 5:00PM) & 9:00PM (Doors 8:30PM)



1. Aboriginal Hawaii-

The idea is to highlight a contemporary Hawai'i upbringing born into a family lineage steeped in ritual, ancient wisdom and native intelligence. And how this juxtaposition in lifestyles has given way to a global sound that speaks to the most sentimental and primal parts of the human spirit. 

2. W Ā • H I N E

Wā- by definition means era, time or age. 

Hine- Means Feminine, woman. 

The Age/Time of the Feminine

An introspective musical journey on my own authentic journey through my life as a transgender native practitioner, kumu hula, scholar, activist, artists. I was raised by generations of firm native Hawaiian women whom were both western and aboriginally educated. In the kumulipo or our cosmology, our people had gone through cycles of reconstruction and deconstruction during our evolution. At the pinnacle of each wave of sociopolitical, cultural, spiritual evolution was always the presence of the feminine. Of epic women in history whom bore the wave of change. So in the spirit of these feminine historic figures, I hope for our music to emulate that Wā hou or new era.

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